How to Customize In Camera Transitions

Use Mask Wipe Transitions

After you apply the transition to the cut of two clips

1.  Double Click on the “ADD CLIP HERE” sequence.

2.  Select the second clip of the edit you applied the transition to, then Cut (Ctrl/Command + X) and Paste the clip into the “ADD CLIP HERE” sequence.

Changing the Color

The footage for the In Camera Transitions was filmed with a flat color profile to give you the most control when changing the colors to fit your project.

1.  Ungroup the transition layers by deselecting the Linked Selection button or Right + Click on the transition layers and select Ungroup.

2. Open the Lumetri Color controls in the Effect Controls window and choose the settings that best match your needs.

3. If there is a Change to Color (CHANGE COLOR HERE) effect:

  1.  Click the FX symbol to activate the effect.
  2. Click the color box for the To color.
  3. Choose the desired color and click OK to apply it.

Now the assets are loaded into the extension.

If you don’t see the assets right away just click the refresh button or close and reopen the extension.