How to Use Premiere .Mogrt Graphics

1. Start by placing the playhead where you want to add the graphics in the timeline

2. Open the folder of your choice by double-clicking on the folder icons in the Packages tab, or by using the navigation in the Files tab.

3. Double-click on the graphic animation you want to use.

The graphic will be added to the timeline at the position of the playhead.

4. Only the most recent graphic animations will automatically scale to your frame size. For the rest right click on the .mogrt layer and choose Scale to Frame Size to fit the graphic to your sequence’s resolution.

5. Next, with the graphics layer selected, open the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel to adjust the properties for the animation.

If the panel is not already open you can find it in the Windows tab of the top menu in Premiere.

If you want to change the duration of the animation just drag the end of the .mogrt layer to shorten or lengthen the layer