Use Premiere Transitions

1. Start by placing the play head at the cut of two clips in the timeline.
2. Open the folder of your choice by double-clicking on the folder icons in the Packages tab, or by using the navigation in the Files tab.
3. Double click on the transition you want to use. 

The transition will be added to the timeline at the cut of your 2 clips.

4. The transitions will automatically scale to your frame size.  But if the transition has graphics or image elements embedded you can resize them by selecting the graphic, image, or video and changing the value of the scale property in the Effect Controls window.
You can change your sound effects and speed preferences in the Transitions Settings tab BEFORE adding the transition to the timeline.

The speed settings only work with transitions that have speed variations for example “Zoom 2x, Zoom 3x, Zoom 4x” etc.

The transition layers are grouped by default so that you can reposition all the layers at once.

To Ungroup the Layers:

1. Select the transition layers.

2. Disable the Linked Selection button at the top of the timeline.

or Right + Click and choose ungroup to separate them.

Transitions with color options will have an effect name “CHANGE COLOR HERE” or a layer named “ Dbl Click to Change Color” Double click on the effect color picker or the layer to open the color picker and choose the color of your choice.

If you are unable to playback the transitions smoothly consider reducing the Program window resolution, make sure your renderer is set to CUDA,  and allot as much RAM for Premiere as possible