How to use Premiere Scenes

1. Start by placing the playhead where you want to add the scene in the timeline

2. Open the folder of your choice by double-clicking on the folder icons in the Packages tab, using the search bar, or by using the navigation in the Files tab.

The Graphic Scenes are responsive .mogrt files and the Scene Edits are fully editable premiere sequences made up of layers of media, .mogrt graphics, and other elements.

The scene will be added to the timeline at the position of the playhead.

3. Only the Graphic Scenes will automatically scale to your frame size. The Scene Edits and Social Posts are 1920 x 1080 resolution and can be scaled up or down using the transform controls in the Effect Controls panel.

4. Select the Graphic Scene .mogrt layers in your timeline to edit or double-click on the Scene Edit sequence to open and edit.

5. Customize the Graphic Scenes or the .mogrt graphics layers in the Scene Edits by opening the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel to adjusting the properties for the animation.

If the panel is not already open you can find it in the Windows tab of the top menu in Premiere.

6.  Add Media to the Media placeholders for Graphic Scenes:

1. Double-click on the video you want to use in the Project window to open it in the Source window.

2. Set an In and Out point by pressing the (I) and (O) keys on your keyboard, at the point where you want the clip to start (In) and end (Out).

3. Drag the video file from the Project window to the media drop zone in the edit tab of the Essential Graphics Window.

4. Double-click on the media drop zone in the edit tab of the Essential Graphics Window to open the clip sequence and make additional edits to the clip or add other assets.

7.  Add Media to the Media placeholders for Scene Edits:

1. Double-click to open each of the Put Image/Video here sequences in the timeline.

2. Drag your Images/Videos into the opened placeholder sequences and place them above the locked layers in the placeholders.

3. Center your images/videos in the frames by right-clicking and choosing Scale To Frame size or by using the Scale and Position Motion controls in the Effect Controls panel. (Window > Effect Controls)

8. To change the text, colors, and placement of the graphic elements: Select the .mogrt graphics layers and edit the controls in the Edit tab of the Essential Graphics Window. (Window > Essential Graphics)

You can also add and edit new elements in the Scene Edits or change the placement of all the elements individually. Select the layer and use the Scale and Position Motion controls in the Effect Controls panel.