Add .Mogrts to Timeline

After you install the .mogrt files into the Motion Graphics Templates Folder, you can follow the steps below to add them to the timeline of your project

1. Open the Essential Graphics Panel. If it isn’t open, open it by choosing Window > Essential Graphics from the top menu.

2. In the Essential Graphics Panel, make sure the Browse tab is selected.

3. Start by typing the letters MP followed by the graphics category of your choice. For example, you could search for “MP Scramble Glitch 2 Lines” to find a glitch title with 2 lines and a scramble animation.

3. Hover over the thumbnails to preview the animations, then Click + Hold and Drag the thumbnail into the timeline.

The layer may take a little while to show up so continue to hold until the layer appears in the timeline, then release.

4. The .Mogrt Graphics are in 4K so if your sequence is smaller or larger, right-click on the layer and choose Scale to Frame Size.

5. Select the graphics layer and open the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel to adjust the properties for the animation.

6. After you have chosen Scale to Frame Size you can now use the Scale and other Transform properties in the Effect Controls window.

Then change the duration of the animation by dragging the end of the .mogrt layer to shorten or lengthen the layer

Here are a few quick tips to get the best results when using the .mogrt files.

Tip #1 Set the light leaks transitions and overlays as well as any text animations with a glow effect to Add in the transfer mode setting.

Tip 2: Center Transition animations over the cut of the two clips making sure the cut is hidden by the animation.

Tip 3: You can cut the layer to remove the out animation and extend the resting part of the animation.