Change Split-Frame Duration

1. Add the split frame to your project and add your content to the placeholders.

As shown here: How To Use Split-Frames

2. Move the playhead to the outpoint of your image or video inside the first placeholder.

3. Copy the timecode in the top right of the timeline for the outpoint of your Image/Video

4. Double click to open the main split frame sequence if it isn’t already opened.

5. Enter the same timecode as your placeholder sequence or navigate to the time you want the split frame to end at.

6. Click hold and drag to select all of the placeholder layers

7. Click hold and drag the end of the placeholder layers to the desired endpoint in the timeline. This will allow you to keep the outgoing animation.

8. Lastly, Open or navigate back to any of the other sequences that make up the split-frame, including the main split-frame sequence that you added to your timeline and enter the same timecode for the desired endpoint.

9. Click hold and drag the end of the main split-frame sequence to the desired end point.