Import and Use Presets

How Do I Import Premiere Pro Presets?

Follow these 3 steps to quickly Import, Add, or Install Presets in Premiere Pro

1. Click the icon of three lines beside “Effects” on Effects Panel

2. Select “Import Presets

3. Select the preset file you want to import

The Motion Pro Presets can be found in the “Motion Pro Kit” folder in a folder named “MP Presets”.

Select the “Motion Pro Presets” file and click Open.

Now, all the presets included in the preset file will appear inside Effects Panel.

How Do I Use Premiere Pro Presets?

1. Select the Preset you want to use in the Effects Panel

2. Drag and Drop the Preset onto your layer in the timeline.

How Do I Remove a Premiere Pro Preset?

1. Select the Layer you applied the Preset to.

2. Right-Click and choose Remove Attributes.

3. Make sure the checkbox next to Effects is selected and deselect the other options if needed. Then click OK