Use Split Frames

1. Open the “Split Framesfolder of the downloaded file (Motion Pro Kit > MP Premiere Files > Split Frames).  Select the project file of the split frames you want to use, open the file, convert, and save a copy. (The original should remain unchanged.)

2. Open or Create the Project that you want to add the split-frames in.

3. Open one of the split frames folders and turn on Icon View to preview the split frames. Drag the mouse over the thumbnail image or click and scrub through the bar beneath the thumbnail.

4. Disable the Insert and Overwrite sequences option in the top left of the timeline window (playhead and tracks icon) it should be white/gray.

This will allow you to add the individual layers of the transition to your timeline.

5. Select the Split-Frame you want to use in the project window of the Motion Pro scenes project.

6. Turn Off/ Deselect source patching and track targeting for the V1 track. The V1 side should be dark gray on both sides.

7. Click, hold, and drag the main sequence of the split frame you want to use from the split frames project file into the timeline of Your Project (that you previously opened or created)

This will allow you to use split frames more than once with unique content in each copy.

8. Double Click on the Split Frame sequence you just added to the timeline.

9. Double click to open each of the Placeholder sequences in the timeline.

10. Drag your Images/Videos into the opened placeholder sequences and place them above the locked layers in the placeholders.

11. Center your images/videos in the frames by right-clicking and choosing Scale To Frame size or by using the Scale and Position Motion controls in the Effect Controls panel. (Window > Effect Controls)