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Box Titles 1 Line

01 Wipe Slide Up

02 Wipe Cutout

03 Outline Box

05 Outline Scale Down

06 Color Wipe Reveal

07 Slant Color Wipe Outline

08 Slant 3 Color Wipe

10 Glow Color Wipe Outline

11 Metallic Outline Box

12 Metallic Box With Shine

13 Metallic Double Line

14 Wipe Slide Down

15 Wipe Left Slide Up

16 Wipe Left Slide Up

17 Line Box Type On

04 Type Zoom In

09 Color Invert Zoom In

Title Repeat

Box Title Swing L

Wipe Swing L

Round Numbered Box Title 01

Slide In Slant Stroke and Shine