Motion Pro V2 Updates

New Transition Categories

Invert Glitch

Glitch Splits

Fast Glitch Pans

Film Glitch

Film Zoom

Simple Pans

Zoom Bounce

Zoom Pan

Simple Zooms

Zoom Hits

Cursor Zooms




Added Transitions

Mogrt Glitch Transitions

Glitch T to B

Glitch R to L

Glitch L to R

Glitch B to T

Digital Glitch Transitions

Colorful Digital Glitch

Colorful Digital Glitch Fast

Colorful Offset Glitch

Pixel Glitch

Tint Digital Glitch

VHS Transitions

VHS Glitch 09

VHS Glitch 10

VHS Glitch 11

VHS Glitch 12

VHS Glitch 13

Retro TV Zoom In & Out 2

Quick Lens Pans

Quick Lens Pan Up Right

Quick Lens Pan Up Left

Quick Lens Pan Up

Quick Lens Pan Right

Quick Lens Pan Left

Quick Lens Pan Down Right

Quick Lens Pan Down Left

Quick Lens Pan Down

Quick Color Shift Pans

Quick Color Shift Pan Up Right

Quick Color Shift Pan Up Left

Quick Color Shift Pan Up

Quick Lens Pan Left

Quick Color Shift Pan Right

Quick Color Shift Pan Down Right

Quick Color Shift Pan Down

Color Shift Woosh Pan Down x 2

Quick Color Shift Pan Down

New Skin Tones


New Title Categories



Added Titles

14 Wipe Slide Down

15 Wipe Left Slide Up

16 Wipe Left Slide Up

17 Line Box Type On

Box Title Swing L

Wipe Swing L

Round Numbered Box Title 01

Slide In Slant Stroke and Shine

Line Box Type On

2 Box Titles 30 Swing

2 Box Titles 31 Swing L

2 Box Titles 32 Swing R

2 Box Titles 33 Spin

2 Box Titles 34 Spin L

2 Box Titles 35 Spin R

3 Box Titles 02 Swing L

3 Box Titles 03 Swing

3 Box Titles 05 Spin L

3 Box Titles 06 Spin

3 Box Titles 07 Flip Swing R

10 Cursor Type On Slow

11 Big Type On Fast

HL Type On

Slide to L Flash Outline Fill

Slide to R Flash Outline Fill

69 Idiv Color Change

Rotate Scale Down

Slide Down

Titles Slide In Left

Added Lower Thirds

YT Sub to Channel

YT Get Notified

YT Like This Video

YT Like Sub Notify

Social Lower Third 19

Social Lower Third 20

Social Lower Third 21

Social Lower Third 22

Social Lower Third 23

Social Lower Third 24

Social Lower Third 25

Social Lower Third 26

Social Lower Third 27

Social Lower Third 28

Social Lower Third 29

Name Lower Third 19

Name Lower Third 17

Name Lower Third 18

New Call-Out Categories

2 Lines

3 Lines

Added Call-Outs

Auto Size Slide

Box Slide Out BL

Box Slide Out BL02

Box Slide Out BL03

Flip Box Title BL

Swing Flip Title BL

Title Slide Out TL

Box Slide Out TL

New Scene Categories





Added Scenes

Small Media Repeat and Title

2 Frames 2 Minimal Titles

10 Frames Minimal Title

3 Frames 3 Minimal Titles

Center Media 2 Arrows 2 Titles

Center Media Titles and Arrows

Line Title Media Text Frame

Repeat Titles Media Text Frame

Repeat Titles Media Text Frame

Media Repeat Text Frame

New Motion Elements Categories




Added Motion Elements

Rectangle Scale

Rectangle Scale 2

Rectangle Scale w Stroke

Rectangle Scale w Stroke 2

Rectangle Scale w Stroke 3

Rectangle Stroke Gradient 2

Rectangle Stroke Glow 2

Rectangle Stroke Neon Elements 2

Line Rectangle Scale Up 2

Slash Loop

Smoke Burst

Stretch Flash Burst

Write On Med Circle

Write On Small X

Write On Star

Write On Underline

Painted X 01

2 Painted Xs

Multiple Painted Strokes

New Preset Categories




Circle Twitch Icon

Square Twitch Icon

Circle TikTok Icon

Circle TikTok Icon 2

Square TikTok Icon

New Overlay Categories



Added Split-Frames

5 Screens Long Center Top and Bottom Split

5 Screens Slide Up Slide Out From Center

10 Screens Big Center

Added Backgrounds

Bkgnd Gradient Dots Lines

Bkgnd Flare Particles 2

Speed Streaks

Abstract Lines Light

Circle Lines

Abstract Lines

Moving Dots

Small Moving Dots

Metallic Lines

Geometric Lines